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Crosspool Pet Supplies

14 - Jan - 2015

Your Local Friendly Pet Food and Accessory Shop.


Crosspool Pet Supplies in Sheffield

Shop Frontage

Welcome to Our Website

We are a locally run pet supplies shop based in Crosspool in Sheffield.

The shop has been established for the last seventeen years and three years ago we re-launched, enabling us to provide a better range of products, a more customer focused service and more competitive prices. For more details, please feel free to call in today.

Our Service

We aim to provide a friendly and helpful service and also operate a local delivery service which is free for orders over £15.

We know you want your animals to live in comfort so we only sell the highest quality pet supplies from premier dog food with luxury treats to comfortable bedding and cages.

If you are looking for something in particular, we will try our best to locate it from one of our many suppliers.

Our Products

For a small shop we have a full range of pet supplies for your convenience. Our extensive range of products includes:

  • Premium cat, dog foods & treats
  • Collars, leads, toys, beds, carriers, brushes, litter trays
  • A large selection of wild bird feeds and feeders
  • Small animal food, treats, bedding, bowls and accessories
  • Pond and aquarium food
  • Chicken feed

Contact Us

For more information, call Crosspool Pet Supplies on 01142 687 322 today. Alternatively you can email us using the 'Contact Us' form or by using the following address:

  • Crosspool Pet Supplies in Crosspool Sheffield
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